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Carpal Aid - sportsinjurybraces.com.au
Carpal Aid - sportsinjurybraces.com.au
Carpal Aid - sportsinjurybraces.com.au
Carpal Aid - sportsinjurybraces.com.au
Carpal Aid - sportsinjurybraces.com.au
Carpal Aid - sportsinjurybraces.com.au
Carpal Aid - sportsinjurybraces.com.au
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Carpal Aid

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What is CarpalAID?

CarpalAID is a specially designed patch for treating carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms. It sticks to the affected hand using a 3M medical grade adhesive. The adhesive pulls up the skin and underlying tissue of the palm, releasing the pressure on the median nerve thereby relieving the pain.


As a reminder, Carpal Aid is ONLY intended for Tunnel syndrome. If you do not experience relief, The paid you have is most likely associated to another syndrome.

If you have ordered Carpal Aid by mistake or think you may have another syndrome simply email us at info@rehacare.com.au so we can process a return and apply a full refund.


How is CarpalAID Different from Other Treatments?

CarpalAID is the only reliable product for treating carpal tunnel syndrome without the use of medication.

Braces, gloves, and splints only wrap or immobilize the hand. They do not actively help in relieving the pain associated with carpal tunnel syndrome. NSAIDs may help in relieving pain temporarily as they work to reduce swelling. However, long-term use of NSAIDs is not recommended due to their side effects.

Steroid injections generally work as pain relievers for carpal tunnel syndrome. However, the results may not be immediate. Moreover, the injection will need to be repeated as recommended by your medical practitioner.


Is There Any Medication on a CarpalAID Strip?

No, there is no medication of any type on CarpalAID. It relieves the pain of carpal tunnel syndrome by creating negative pressure on the median nerve.


Can I Perform my Work Activities While Wearing CarpalAID?

Yes. Once CarpalAID is properly positioned on your hand, the same motions that caused you pain will no longer do so. Just make sure the strip remains dry so it sticks in place and works properly. Wiping your palm with rubbing alcohol will help the CarpalAID patch adhere to the skin more securely.


Can I Bathe or Swim While Wearing my CarpalAID Strip?

It is best to limit exposure to water and other liquids while wearing CarpalAID. If it does get wet and starts coming off, simply wash and dry your hands. If needed, wipe your palm with rubbing alcohol, then apply a new strip.


How Long Does it Take for CarpalAID to Relieve Carpal Tunnel Pain?

You can wear CarpalAID anytime you feel carpal tunnel syndrome hand pain. You should start to feel relief within the first 30 minutes.

Complete hand pain relief depends on the severity of your carpal tunnel syndrome. In most cases, people who wear it overnight report no pain the following day. After wearing the patch consistently for a few weeks, you won’t need to wear it regularly. Two to three times a week might be enough.

Wearing the patch consecutive days in the first few weeks, and then every other day, followed by once a week, may work for you. Continue to apply the patch if the pain returns. See what works for your particular situation and your pain tolerance. Watch this video to see how to properly apply the patch.


Will CarpalAID Cure my Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Carpal tunnel syndrome cannot be cured. However, there are temporary ways of relieving its painful symptoms. These include resting the affected hand, taking NSAIDs or steroid injections, cold packs, or getting a splint. Any of these may provide some short-lasting relief from hand or wrist pain.

However, compared to all other alternatives, CarpalAID is the simplest and most effective hand pain reliever. In extremely complex cases of carpal tunnel syndrome, physicians may recommend surgery.


Is CarpalAID Safe?

CarpalAID is recognized as being safe for most people. There are no drugs involved and it is not an invasive treatment, like surgery, to relieve carpal tunnel hand pain. The adhesive used on CarpalAID is 3M medical grade. However, 3 percent of people may be allergic to any type of adhesive. Therefore, care is recommended.

Our clinical study of CarpalAID has shown amazing results. 70% of the people involved in the trial reported fast and effective pain relief. Generally, a success rate of 50% in a trial is considered a successful trial.


How do I Apply CarpalAID? Is There Anything I Need to do Before Applying it?

Wash and dry your hands thoroughly. You may need to wipe your palm with rubbing alcohol if you sweat excessively. Apply the strip as shown in the diagram.

Place the patch at the deepest area of your palm, with the patch horizontal at a slight angle. The middle of the patch, where the adhesive strip is located, should be aligned with your middle finger.

Press the adhesive strip firmly onto your skin. It may look crooked but that is the correct position. Follow the diagram and you should be okay.

Once applied, avoid washing your hands. If your hands do get wet, try not to soak the adhesive. Alternatively, you can simply remove the patch and apply a new one after washing your hands.


Have There Been any Clinical Studies on CarpalAID?

Yes, we did a clinical study and the result was impressive. 70% of the people in the trial reported fast relief from carpal tunnel pain. Generally, in clinical trials, a 50% success rate is considered to be successful.


How was CarpalAID Invented?

The inventor of CarpalAID, Joseph Nazari, is a long time engineer who suffers from severe carpal tunnel syndrome on both hands. He initially developed this patch for himself.

Several years ago, he had surgery on his right hand to eliminate his tremendous hand pain. His doctor recommended that he have surgery on his left hand as well. However, remembering the trauma of his first surgery, he was afraid to relive the experience.

Nazari decided to find a way to release pressure from the median nerve and relieve his hand pain. After several experiments, he created a plastic patch that would do that very job. And thus, CarpalAID was invented.

For a few years, Nazari used the patch for himself and also shared it with a few friends who suffered from carpal tunnel syndrome. However, since there are so many affected people who are affected by the syndrome, he decided to produce CarpalAID for the public.

You can read more about how Nazari invented CarpalAID here.


Can the CarpalAID Patch be Worn During the Day?

Yes, it can be worn anytime you feel hand pain from carpal tunnel syndrome.


Does CarpalAID Come in Different Sizes?

CarpalAID comes in two sizes, large and small. Both sizes work exactly the same. If you get the wrong size by mistake, don’t worry, it will still work. However, it might be a bit uncomfortable, so it is important to measure your hand to find the right size.


CarpalAID Sizing

Measure your hand across the area just beneath your fingers. If your hand is 8.2cms or less across you should order a small size. If the measurement is wider than 8.2cms, then large is the right size for you.

Measure across your hand, just below your fingers. If it is less than 8.2cms, you should use a size small.


Is There a Separate Version of CarpalAID for Each Hand?

No, CarpalAID works identically on both hands.


Can I Open and Close my Hand While Wearing the CarpalAID patch?

Absolutely. Doing so will actually enhance the effectiveness of the patch. By closing your hand, you are increasing the negative pressure on the median nerve. This helps to relieve your hand pain faster.


Will I be Comfortable Wearing the CarpalAID Patch Overnight?

Yes, once applied, you will hardly feel its presence on your palm. As such, you can sleep comfortably while wearing the patch.

Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester